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About the Alliance

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The Cumberland/Salem/Gloucester Health and Wellness Alliance, Inc. was formed after the release of the 2010 New Jersey County Health Rankings by The Robert Wood Foundation and The University of Wisconsin in response to their position in the rankings. In October of 2011, the Alliance was officially granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

The Alliance consists of a multi-countywide group of community based stakeholders and diverse organizations that are committed to improving the health of residents in Cumberland, Salem and Gloucester Counties so that healthy lifestyles and healthy choices are a way of life. The Alliance will assist in assessing the communities health situation, to make policy recommendations and to coordinate necessary services that will improve the health status of the population. The Alliance hopes to positively influence unhealthy behaviors through education, policy and environmental changes that encourage more community members to improve dietary habits, increase physical activity, manage their risk for chronic illnesses and avoid unhealthy behaviors, especially among disadvantaged, underserved and vulnerable populations at highest risk for health disparities.

We invite Cumberland, Salem and Gloucester County organizations with an interest in contributing to the overall health and wellness of their communities to join the Cumberland/Salem/Gloucester Health & Wellness Alliance in it’s mission.